Rising Country Talent Derek Austin Releases New Track ‘Midnight on a Map Dot’

Nashville based country talent Derek Austin impresses with his new single Midnight on a Map Dot. Derek collaborates with Ben Williams and Colin Healy on the track which sees him pay tribute to late nights in the country.

“We turn this cornfield dirt into a sawdust dancefloor / The clock says Sunday but it’s a Saturday night / There’s a back 40 bonfire burning up a black sky / Stars showing off like the fourth of July…” Derek sings capturing the magic and excitement of late night weekends. Derek conjures up a sense of nostalgia in these lyrics whilst delivering a standout vocal that completely sells the lyrics.

Derek grew up in Minnesota before moving to Nashville to pursue his singing and songwriting. His career has seen him release music since 2018 including standout hits including Bullet and Days That End in Why.

You can connect with Derek on his Instagram.

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