Gregory Dillon Returns With Stellar Synthpop Goodness ‘Crystalized’

Gregory Dillon returns with his first new music of 2022 with Crystalized. The self-penned track sees Gregory co-produce with Infaders to craft an emotive and atmospheric synthpop triumph.

Playing with a rippling synth bassline and percussion, Gregory’s confident and distinctive vocals shine on a chorus underpinned by the lines: “I can’t believe the signs, my dreams are crystalized.” Crystalized is a firm reminder of Gregory’s stellar contributions to the world of pop, picking up wonderfully from his masterful Sad Magic EP with the musician crafting synthpop with prescient emotion and a natural sense of conviction.

Gregory shared: “Not all that wander are lost 🧑 My new single is out at midnight but it was created in a moment when I was ready to give music up πŸ₯€ Last night I experienced a honest miracle that reminded me why we’ve are all here πŸ’ŽπŸ”­ hopeΒ #crystalizedΒ lets u see ur angels when u need them most πŸ‘Ό”

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