Chaka Khan Channels Smooth R&B and Female Empowerment on New Single ‘Woman Like Me’

Chaka Khan delivered a real return to form with her 2019 album Hello Happiness and now pursues further new music with slinky R&B number Woman Like Me. Chaka’s new single is written by Francesca “Francci” Richard, Gregg Pagani and Jeffrey Anderson. Pagani, Claude Villani and Jamari Harcum produce the track.

The track was born when Chaka was seeking inspiration for her next musical direction and she realised she was not a fan of the music she heard. Chaka told Entertainment Tonight: “I was online looking at something and I got looking at young women singing today, you know, a lot of the girls that are singing and doing videos, and I was looking at a lot of crazy s**t. I gotta just say it like that, ’cause that’s what I was seeing. I was seeing some crazy stuff up there and I mean, I’m an open minded, modern woman. I can take a lot, but I couldn’t take a lot of what I was watching and a lot of what I was hearing. I was hearing not enough self-respect at all.” She sought to create a track with a more empowering tone thus leading to Woman Like Me.

Whilst Woman Like Me does not shine quite as much as Chaka’s 2019 return to form, Woman Like Me has a sweet message and the singer sounds good atop the smooth R&B melody.

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