Altered Images Precede ‘Mascara Streakz’ Album With Latest Release ‘Glitter Ball’ and Accompanying Video

Scottish New Wave rockers Altered Images return with their upcoming album Mascara Streakz – their first since 1983. Now original singer Clare Grogan and former Altered Images alumni Stephen Lironi collaborate with former Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler, and Robert Hodgens (aka Bobby Bluebell of The Bluebells) on the new set.

The first taste of the band’s new music, the spiky guitar pop of the album’s title track manages to capture the punky New Wave flavour of the group’s original heyday. Grogan’s whispery vocals continued to shine on follow-up cut Beautiful Thing, an uplifting soft rock number, and now on the freshly dropped Glitter Ball, an electronic synth-soaked number geared towards the dancefloor.

Glitter Ball captures the idea of the dancefloor as a means of tackling heartbreak through its healing powers, with lyrics such as “The night time gloom / Of a girl so lost / She’s filling the room with her loss / Then sparks will fly / And the light shines bright on her life / Her soul entwined with the night…” Even a banger can have poignancy!

Check out the full tracklist below. Mascara Streaks is released on the 26th of August.

1 Mascara Streakz                    
2 Red Startles The Sky           
3 Colour Of My Dreams           
4 Glitter Ball                              
5 Your Life Is Mine
6 Home
7 Beautiful Thing
8 Changing My Luck
9 Lost Of Love
10 Double Reflection
11 The Flame
12 Sleep

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