Little Big Town Ready Next Album With Breezy Romantic Party Anthem ‘All Summer’

Little Big Town ready their latest studio album with new single All Summer. Their newest cut is penned by Karen Fairchild, Sara Buxton, Madi Diaz, Ashley Ray, Savana Santos and Alyssa Vanderheym and follows their previous 2022 single Hell Yeah.

Lyrically the song captures a breezy summer romance, as the band croon: “I know it sounds cliche / Making eyes across the pool all day / And I don’t need you but it feels that way / And I don’t ever let myself feel that way / But here I am, getting tan, drinking wine on the water / And it’s easy and it’s fun / If you want it and if I want / I’ll be your dream in-between in your meantime lover / All summer.” As always the stunning harmonies are paired with buoyant uplifting production for a mix that is unmistakably Little Big Town.

Expect All Summer and Hell Yeah to feature on the band’s as yet unannounced tenth studio album.

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