Bananarama Release Icy-Electro Title Track from Upcoming ‘Masquerade’ Album

We are delighted that Bananarama are following up their triumphant 2019 In Stereo album so quickly with their upcoming twelfth studio album Masquerade freshly announced for July 22nd. Getting us well and truly excited for the new LP, the pop duo made up of Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, released new single Favourite and now follow this up with the LP’s title track.

Masquerade sees them re-team with producer Ian Masterson (who has worked with the duo on all albums since 2005’s Drama). With iconic lines such as ‘I am the queen of hearts, your heart’ and ‘You can be what you want to be, c’est magnifique, c’est fantastique’, Masquerade is an icy electro banger that sits somewhere between the glamorous electropop of Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys.

We’re loving this moody electronic sound from Keren and Sara. Bring on the LP on July 22nd.

Check out the full eleven song tracklist below.

  1. Favourite – 3:07
  2. Stay Wild – 3:47
  3. Velvet Lies – 2:47
  4. Masquerade – 4:13
  5. Running With The Night – 3:28
  6. Bad Love – 3:00
  7. Let’s Go Outside – 3:45
  8. Brand New – 3:32
  9. Need A Little More – 3:35
  10. Forever Young – 3:34
  11. Waiting For the Sun To Shine – 4:13

Pre-order the album from the ladies’ official store.

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