Samantha Fox and Dana International Collaborate on Pride Banger ‘This Is Your Life’

Dana International is no stranger to a Pride anthem. Her duet with Charlotte Perrelli, Diva to Diva, still gets played obsessively by us. Now the Israeli Eurovision winner returns with another Pride themed collaboration, This Is Your Life, featuring British pop legend Samantha Fox.

Opening with traditional strings, a dance beat soon enters the fold as the track navigates into a disco number with a stunning Mediterranean feel. On the chorus, the ladies sing “Oh, it’s time to change / Don’t wish your life away / All you need to do is believe / This is your life and life it anyway you want to / This is your life cause you’re not living in a dream…” in the track’s hopeful and optimistic lyrics.

Samantha commented “This song will have longevity, We are doing a Fab Video very soon , we pray this song and message will reach the world.” This is a collaboration that we really never saw coming, and it is absolute triumph that fans of both divas will adore.

Samantha has been teasing a new album for a number of years – not releasing a studio LP since 2005’s Angel with an Attitude. Dana’s most recent album was 2007’s Hakol Ze Letova. We’re delighted to have new music from both these stars. A video for the track is set to drop soon.

@dana_international1 This is your life – listen to the full version of the official pride duet by Dana international & Samantha fox. Happy pride month. #HereTogether #Thisisyourlife ♬ This Is Your Life – Dana International & Samantha Fox

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