Norwegian Rising Talent Metteson Delights With Powerhouse New Single ‘Never Let Me Go’

Norwegian pop hero Metteson delivers Never Let Me Go, an anthemic new single which follows previous gems Come, Cry and Second Heart. The grand, sweeping pop number is packed with emotion, lavish electronic production from Vetle Junker and raw lyrics from Matias Tellez, Metteson and Junker.

Metteson told Metal Magazine: “Never Let Me Go has been in the works for quite a while. I first started writing on it a couple of years back – I wanted to make a very dramatic, pleading, almost desperate sounding pop song. After playing it live for a while though, it turned into something else – the song has a more optimistic and hopeful outlook on love, and I like that! It’s changed with my views on love, you could say.”

Never Let Me Go is an undeniable treat that asserts Metteson as an exciting pop player thanks to his clear understanding of crafting a great pop banger.

Metteson is building up a following thanks to high profile appearances supporting Aurora on her UK dates. You can connect with him here.

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