Darren Hayes Tackles Personal and Emotional Territory on New Single ‘Poison Blood’

Darren Hayes continues his run of new music with Poison Blood, a track that delves into his relationship with mental illness. Following on from his singles Do You Remember? and Let’s Try Being in Love, Darren’s latest continues to utilise his own skills as both writes and producer.

With mellow electronic soundscapes providing a canvas, Darren’s cathartic delivery shares: “Poison blood, poison blood / Ooh, I got to have you / But poison blood poisons all the love / Ooh, I won’t let it get you, no…” whilst going on to detail his personal connections with mental illness.

In a post to his Instagram, Darren shared: “I see my depression as both a blessing and a curse some days, but always as an essential part of me.  It plummets me to unfathomably sad depths and it skyrockets me to breathtakingly ecstatic highs.  I know, for certain, I would not be able to paint with the broad spectrum of emotional colors available to me as an artist if it weren’t for the complexity and the chaos of my brain chemistry, half of which is the result of my DNA and half of which is the result of experiencing and witnessing extreme violence growing up in a family with a violent alcoholic father.”

The Australian musician expanded: “For context, two members of my family have committed suicide, and I have been in therapy and on some form of medication for my mental health since I was in my mid-twenties.  Yet I am, proudly still here.    I speak about my daily journey to find peace in this song, where I sing ‘It’s not that I don’t want to live, it’s the pain that I wish I could kill.  All the times that I wanted to die, I made a choice I was gonna survive.  Every day’s a decision to stay with my poison blood’.”

Stream Poison Blood above.

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