Ultra Naté Gives Us New Party-Flavoured Dance Anthem ‘Miracle’ Ahead of Summer Scheduled ‘ULTRA’ Album


Emanuele Esposito, Fabio Di Bartolomeo, Gianni Romano, Tidiane Koné and Ultra Naté write Miracle, the first taste of dance icon Ultra Naté’s upcoming album Ultra. Expected this Summer, Ultra Naté’s scheduled album will be her first solo LP since 2013’s Hero Worship.

Miracle is a buoyant, party-flavoured number combining electronic production effects with sharp brass concocting a smooth uplifting feel. “I’m a miracle / A mystery of the ages / I’m a miracle / A burning fire, a shining beam of light” Ultra Naté’s immaculate vocals croon atop the gleefully up-tempo production.

Ultra Naté continues to be an enduring favourite of dance and pop music fans thanks to her anthems Free and If You Could Read My Mind.

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