Marcus and Martinus Release ‘When All The Lights Go Out’ After ‘The Masked Singer’ Victory

We have featured Norwegian twin brothers Marcus and Martinus on the site numerous times over the years, but we never expected them to see them take on The Masked Singer stage. The duo make the most of the exciting new profile boost with brand new single When All the Lights Go Out.

The new single is penned by Herman Gardarfve, Marcus & Martinus, Melanie Wehbe and Patrik Jean. Gardarfve also produces the number, which features the singers’ strongest vocal turn yet. With a slow-burning dance beat, When All the Lights Go Out has an anthemic quality which has us excited for the duo’s upcoming EP.

Marcus shared: “The pandemic gave us an involuntary but much-needed break. We have had time to land and find out who we want to be and what music we want to make in the future. This first song says a lot about the new Marcus and Martinus.”

Connect with Marcus & Martinus here.

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