Indiana Singer-Songwriter Christian French Shares First New Music of 2022, ‘Golden Years’

Indiana native, singer-songwriter Christian French releases his first new music of 2022 with single Golden Years, a track written with and produced by Griffith Lee Clawson. Christian co-writes the single – his first since 2021’s Oh Well.

“Spending all my golden years / Climbing all the way to the top / So how the hell’d I wind up here / Tryna be somebody I’m not?” Christian sings on the chorus which tackles a sense of self-doubt and reflection. The handsome singer shares more detail about the period which inspired the song.

Christian notes: “I’d say i’m usually an optimist, but i wrote this song when the glass was half empty. thank you for the first day love on golden years & revitalizing that sense of optimism i’ve missed for so long, it means more than u know.”

Connect with Christian here.

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