Crying Day Care Choir Channel Mellow ‘Good Vibes’ On Breezy, Charm-Filled New Single

“We are super excited about our new song, it feels like we’re doing something out of our comfort zone, but somehow we feel more comfortable than ever!” Swedish pop outfit Crying Day Care Choir (CDCC) share with regards to their brand new single Good Vibes.

The track is an immediate earworm, a warm and charm-filled number which is brimming with positivity and carefree vibes. Written and produced by Bill Elz, Jack Elz, Sara Elz and Slowface, Good Vibes is a perfect Summer jam – and marks the band’s first major single since An Evening at the Choir’s album and standalone Vart jag varit (Je Viens De Rien) single.

CDCC share: “In case you were wondering what we’re up to. Here are some answers. This Friday the 13th, we are releasing our new song “Good Vibes”. We made it on a summer’s day last year with our dear friend and collaborator @slowfacemusic and we are equal parts excited and nervous. We think it’s the best song in the world. It’s about having Good Vibes and making sure to pass them on to others! Bill is our cover boy for this one, not too hard on the eye if I may say so.”

Connect with the band here.

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