Måneskin Release Max Martin Produced ‘Supermodel’, Gear Up for Eurovision Song Contest Return

A year on from their victory in Rotterdam, Måneskin are set to return to the Eurovision stage after bringing the contest to Turin. As is traditional with returning victors, they are set to perform winning hit Zitti e buoni and new single Supermodel. Måneskin co-write their new anthem with Justin Tranter, Max Martin, Rami Yacoub, Sylvester Willy Silversteen.

Supermodel sees the band sing “Alone at parties, she’s working around the clock / When you’re not looking she’s stealing your Basquiat / Low-waisted pants on OnlyFans, I’ll pay for that / She’s a 90’s supermodel…” as they document the actions of a mysterious fashionista.

Yacoub, Sly and Martin produce the track which sees the band continue their work in the English language. The group have collaborated with Martin on numerous tracks for an expected forthcoming album.

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