Loreen Returns With Powerhouse Electropop Track ‘Neon Lights’, Talks New Sound, and Eurovision Victory

Ten years on from her iconic Eurovision win with all time great Euphoria, Swedish singer Loreen returns with a brand new slice of music. The track titled Neon Lights is co-written by Loreen with Maria Smith from Smith & Thell and the Swedish rapper, Petter “Professor P” Tarland. Peter Kvint steps in to produce.

In beautiful storytelling lyrics, Loreen calls “You should know that I’ll be watching every step / I’m the neon light that’s running through your cells / I’m the flicker on your skin, I’m in every breath / You’re the part of me that I’ll never regret…” with the singer crafting a female hero in the track’s narrative. Packed with euphoric electropop production and Loreen’s soaring vocals, Neon Lights is set to delight fans of the singer’s debut album Heal, revisiting a similar sonic world to her debut album.

Loreen expands on the storyline coursing through Neon Lights: “I like the feeling of creating characters in my songs who reflect both the parts of me that I have and parts that I wish existed. In my upcoming music, I focus on an alpha female of sorts, a contemporary Joan of Arc, who is to try to save the world. I explore different parts of her in different songs, and the lyrics to Neon Lights are about how she watches over and takes care of someone in need.

The singer also takes some time to acknowledge her historic Eurovision victory with Euphoria, telling us: “I knew that it had the potential to change the energy in that context, and to pave the way for new forms of musical expressions ahead. It was amazing that it was received with so much love. The song fulfilled its purpose then and there, but I always gaze to the future.” The track still stands the test of time, with Loreen’s new music feeling like a natural companion to this earthy yet electronics sound.

Neon Lights marks the first of new music from Loreen in 2022, with more set to come as the year progresses. The singer explains “When I play live, I have a dirtier, more experimental sound. There’s something beautiful about playing with contrasts. Singing aggressively over calm chords or singing delicately over a hard beat. Experimenting with the energies of a song.

Stream Neon Lights above. Connect with Loreen.

Photo: Charli Ljung

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