Betty Boo Channels Funky Nu-Disco on Brand Spanking New Single ‘Shining Star’

Betty Boo’s return with the flawless Get Me to the Weekend was one of the most delightful pop comebacks in recent years, so we are delighted that Betty is following with even more new music. The new single, Shining Star, is a slinky since of nu-disco with a beautifully catchy melody and Betty’s attitude-filled vocals.

Penned by Betty Boo and Andy Wright and produced by Andy and Gavin Goldberg, Shining Star features lush disco imagery in lines such as ‘Got me spinnin’ round just like a disco ball, when we’re dancing…’ in the anthem which is set to mentally transport you to Studio 54’s shimmering dancefloors. Like its wonderful predecessor Get Me to the Weekend, Shining Star sonically picks up Betty’s trademark sound and transports it to the slick pop world of 2022.

We are delighted to have more music from Betty and can’t wait to find out more about the album that is set to follow later this year. Connect with her below:

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