Italian Musician AIELLO Begins a New Chapter With Emotional Single ‘PARADISO’

AIELLO impressed with his debut album Ex Voto and its even more spectacular follow-up Meridionale with his profile continuing to rise thanks to an appearance at San Remo in Italy. The Italian musician now returns with a new musical chapter, headed by single PARADISO.

AIELLO shared: “I chose to be silent for a while, to write and listen to myself, to try to love myself more, it wasn’t easy but nothing is impossible. The music saved me once again, literally pulling my hair. PARADISO has a special vocation, a special aspiration already from the title. She was born a while ago, when I felt the need to change the page and never look back and so it was.”

The slow-burner begins with AIELLO’s sparsely instrumented vocals before a steady percussion helps the track build to a truly catchy chorus. AIELLO’s charm and fast-paced vocals help the earworming chorus shine further.

PARADISO is produced by Michele Canova & Iacopo “BRAIL” Sinigaglia, and written by BRAIL and AIELLO.

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