Ukrainian Musical Talent Max Barskih Releases Defiant ‘Don’t Fuck With Ukraine’ Whilst Serving in Country’s Military

Max Barskih’s previous single Tequila Sunrise was a hit with us at the site – but now Max takes a very different direction with his latest release Don’t Fuck With Ukraine. The singer is now serving as an army reservist with his life now in a very different position due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The singer spoke with Rolling Stone about his experience in the Ukrainian military where he is completing work in a communications capacity for the army, while continuing combat training. Yet Max was still able to undertake a small recording station from his base. He shared: “I recorded it in this military unit, covering myself with a towel so the acoustics would be better. I always do my own production, but this time I couldn’t, so I just did a simple skeleton on the computer, and I sent it to my friend to finish the production. And we collected footage of our Ukrainian army and used it for the video.”

With hushed vocals and crunching beats, Max dedicates the song to the strength of the Ukrainian people. Blending traditional Ukrainian vocal harmonies with pounding electronics, Don’t Fuck With Ukraine makes a bold statement.

You can donate to UNICEF’s Ukraine Appeal here. Check here to find out what you can do to support those in Ukraine.

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