KEiiNO Deliver More Pop Excellence on Majestic New Single ‘Mother Of The Night’

Following up their camptacular Kylie Minogue cover of On a Night Like This, pop heroes KEiiNO return with a brand new track, Mother Of The Night. Written by Alexander Olsson, Rüdiger Schramm, and Tom Hugo Hermansen with Rüdiger and Tom also producing, Mother Of The Night is also accompanied by a punchy club mix.

One of the band’s more eccentric anthems, Mother Of The Night sees the harmonies of the band open the track as they chant “Mother of the night / Bring back the sinful and shameful in me / Cause I’ve been so waiting patiently / I’m on my knees if you want me to be / So we can rise, we can rise, we can rise…” Centring on the idea of delving back into slightly more sinful behaviour after the various lockdowns, this is a celebration of pleasure and excess soundtracked to danceable electronic production.

This May marks three years since KEiiNO’s triumphant performance of Spirit in the Sky at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

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