Calum Scott Releases New Single ‘Heaven’, Announces Second Album ‘Bridges’ for June 17th

Calum Scott has announced his long-awaited follow-up to his 2018 debut album. The new LP titled Bridges is scheduled for release on June 17th and has been preceded by a new single Heaven. Featuring a solid fourteen tracks, Bridges also includes previous singles Biblical, If You Ever Changed Your Mind and Rise.

The latest cut from the album, Heaven is penned by Calum, Hayley Warne and Nolan Sipes. It’s a sentimental number that sees Calum sing “So tell me why, what good is life? If we’re all just waiting to dance in the sky,” before going on to comparing love to heaven on earth. The album looks set to follow a similar path to Heaven, but those that seek a dancier version of Calum’s music can check out his collaboration with Felix Jaehn, Rain In Ibiza, which does not make the LP tracklist.

The album is available in numerous formats: streaming, digital, CD, 2LP black vinyl and 2LP white vinyl. You can see all the available versions here.

Check out the full fourteen songs below:

  1. Biblical – 3:49
  2. If You Ever Changed Your Mind – 3:25
  3. Run With Me – 3:21
  4. The Way You Loved Me – 3:13
  5. Flaws – 3:28
  6. Heaven – 3:14
  7. Rise – 3:36
  8. Last Tears – 2:44
  9. Half A Man – 3:25
  10. Goodbye, Again – 3:01
  11. I’ll Be There – 3:46
  12. Cross Your Mind – 3:32
  13. Boys In The Street – 3:56
  14. Bridges – 3:20

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