Italian Musical Star Francesco Gabbani Releases New Album ‘Volevamo Solo Essere Felici’

He won the hearts of Europe with Occidentali’s Karma in 2017’s Eurovision Song Contest and now Francesco Gabbani returns with brand new album Volevamo Solo Essere Felici (We Just Wanted To Be Happy) an introspective glance into what delivers happiness.

In a press statement, the Italian star shares: “It is a collection of songs that represent who I am at this moment, the fruit of what we have experienced in the last two years. This is more a work of psychological introspection, I see things around from my point of view, more intimate. The title does not want to define happiness as such, it is subjective and personal.”

The album has spawned two singles La Rete and Spazio tempo, the first a more radio friendly pop number, the latter a lavish ballad. You can see the full tracklist below:

  1. Tossico indipendente
  2. La mira
  3. Volevamo solo essere felici
  4. Peace and love
  5. L’amor leggero
  6. Spazio tempo
  7. La rete
  8. Puntino intergalattico
  9. Sangue darwiniano
  10. Sorpresa improvvisa

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