Singer-Songwriter Lera Lynn Releases ‘Illusion’, Readies ‘Something More Than Love’ Album

Lera Lynn releases her latest single Illusion and unveils news that her album Something More Than Love will follow July 15th. Illusions a slow-burning pop number driven by a sultry groove supported by dreamy synths and punchy percussion.

On the single release, Lera shares: “It’s a rare and deeply beautiful feeling to think you could allow someone to get close enough to commit to each other in a really meaningful way. I’ve only ever had that feeling for one person and it felt like an idea that had been written into existence before me; like I was just following a path I was meant to take; such a beautifully alarming feeling that I struggled to believe it.”

It seems apt than Lera opts for dreamy-synth production that captures this hazy state of love and longing. The artist co-writes and co-produces alongside her partner Todd Lombardo. The singer shares that the album was also shaped by her newfound parenthood: “A lot of people were making records during the pandemic, and all they had was time. But it was the opposite experience for us. We created this whole record while still in the fog of early parenthood, and we didn’t have the luxury of waiting for lightning to strike. We had to be focused and intentional. It doesn’t feel like a new direction to me. It just feels like a progression. My fans have come to expect a new experience with each new album. I think people are ready for this sound and this energy. I certainly am.”

Check out the full tracklist below:

  1. Illusion
  2. Black River
  3. Conflict of Interest
  4. What Is This Body?
  5. Something More Than Love
  6. In a Moment
  7. I’m Your Kamikaze
  8. Cog in the Machine
  9. Golden Sun
  10. You Are Not Your Own
  11. Eye in the Sky

Pre-order here.

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