Ukrainian Singers Marko Kvitka and Yogen Release Defiant Electronic Single ‘Not Slaves’

The attacks in Ukraine have stunned the world and support for the nation has never been more crucial. Artists Marko Kvitka and Yogen seek to raise the spirit of Ukrainians, support, encourage and inspire the energy of unity, faith and victory with their latest track Not Slaves. The track is a smooth electronic anthem with lyrics which push a sense of optimism and strength.

Supported with a hard-hitting video showing the atrocities facing Ukraine, Not Slaves performers Marko and Yogen are actually facing the daily realities of this. Yogen is currently volunteering in Kyiv, involved in the delivery of medicine, food and supplies for the vulnerable, whilst Marko has joined the ranks of soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine. The song was the result of a collaboration three years prior linked with a Ukrainian television project.

“The song was written three years ago, but it has never been as relevant as it is today. Sometimes we become prophets in our own oeuvre, not fully realizing the hidden meanings that open our eyes to important things at the right time. The track tells about the unification of the nation, about the strength of our spirit, about the motivation not to give up and go to victory. The main credo, which absolutely corresponds to reality: “Our people are not slaves,” Yogen shares.

Marko shares: “War is a disaster for every person, city, country and the whole world. Recently, my hometown of Kramatorsk was struck by the cruelty of the enemy and the tears of civilians. And all 46 days since the beginning of the war, I was engaged in volunteering in Lviv and was looking for an opportunity to get my mother out of the city. Our single symbolizes the time of the final rooting of Ukrainians as a great and strong nation. The time of unity and victory. I would like to quote the brilliant Montesquieu at this point: “A person who thinks that revolutionary people are easy to defeat is mistaken; on the contrary, it is they who are able to win victories.””

All funds raised from the monetization of the single will be donated to charity (humanitarian aid and needs of the armed forces of Ukraine).

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