Eurovision Song Contest 2022: The Best Songs of National Final Season

Every Eurovision fan knows that the contest isn’t just one weekend in May, it’s several months of excitement as countries whittle down their acts through national finals. As always, the winners of these finals will go on to represent their country at Eurovsion – what about the others that come so close? We celebrate the best of national final season around the globe with our favourite of the tracks that never quite made it to Eurovision.

Pauline Chagne – Nuit Paline (France)

We’re delighted that Alvan and Ahez are representing France with Fulenn but we would have been equally as happy with Pauline’s synth-drenched treat Nuit Pauline. Lifted straight from classic eighties synthpop, Pauline’s enigmatic vocals help this shine as a triumph from start to finish.

Julia – CHUT! (France)

Our love for Julia knows no bounds with the aspiring French pop talent and Mylene Farmer protégé delighting with the funky-theatrical pop of CHUT! It’s dramatic high stakes pop music packed with elegance and suave charm.

Klara Hammarström  – Run to the Hills (Sweden)

2022’s Eurovision line-up is sorely lacking in dancepop bangers and Klara Hammarström sought to change that with her follow-up to the anthemic Beat of Broken Hearts, Run to the Hills. An electronic pop banger that the Swedes do so well, Klara’s track made it to the top of the nation’s Sverigetopplistan.

Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love (Sweden)

Returning for more Melodifestivalen fun, former victor and Eurovision favourite Robin Bengtsson changed things up from the slick dancepop of I Can’t Go On with anthemic pop-rock number Innocent Love. This powerhouse anthem was delivered with a hugely energetic performance from Robin and fast-paced staging.

Tone Sekelius – My Way (Sweden)

Melodifestivalen newcomer Tone Sekelius delivered full-blown schlager treat My Way, an empowering ode to living as one’s authentic self. We have no doubt that Tone will one day grace the Eurovision stage and that My Way is just the beginning of her journey.

Omar Rudberg – Moving Like That (Sweden)

In a staggering turn of events, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen heat one saw us lose the incredible Omar Rudberg from the competition. Omar’s earworming Latin dance bop Moving Like That remains one of our Melfest highlights with the performer packing a suave charm into the impeccably produced anthem.

Paulini – We Are One (Australia)

An underrated figure to take to the Australia Decides stage was Paulini who delighted with the powerhouse pop charm of We Are One, a grand unifying entry delivered with a sense of hopefulness from the Aussie pop queen.

Andrew Lambrou – Electrify (Australia)

Rising pop heartthrob Andrew Lambrou delivered a fiery performance on the Australia Decides stage with his banger Electrify. The result was a hot club treat that fused English and Spanish vocals against pounding electronic production. And let’s not even talk about when he strips down to his vest.

Markus Riva – If You’re Gonna Love Me (Latvia)

Markus is a staple in Latvia’s Supernova final with the handsome star coming incredibly close to representing his home nation countless times. The singer’s latest attempt was emotive ballad If You’re Gonna Love Me, a poignant and tender number that showcased a more sensitive side to him.

Kuba – Lovesick (Poland)

Ochman’s River is an undeniable tour de force yet Kuba’s Lovesick was also massively enjoyable. The nineteen year old brought the immensely catchy industrial pop sounds of Lovesick to Polish national final Tu Bije Serce Europy! We certainly hope to see Kuba in contention once again in coming years.

Aidan – Ritmu (Malta)

Aidan and his track Ritmu were clear standouts for us during Malta’s national final with this Maltese-language track and its energetic delivery from Aidan shining as the epitome as a star quality. Aidan delivers oodles of charisma against a tropical-beat that feels like a side of Malta we don’t often get to see at Eurovision.

Rayden – Calle de la llorería (Spain)

Another firm fan favourite – this one a star of Benidorm Fest – Spain’s national selection – sees rapid fire lyrics from Rayden atop traditional instrumentation and a rippling melody throughout. The clapping melody and Rayden’s natural charm make this a delight from start to finish.

XEINN – Eco (Spain)

Madrid based star XEINN was one of the standouts from Spain’s official Eurovision Song Contest selection process Benidorm Fest with his track ECO. The single which sailed through the semi-final and into the grand finale is a high octane electronic pop anthem produced by the dream team of Jimmy Jansson and Thomas G:son.

Spagna – Seriously In Love (San Marino)

The English language anthem sees Ivana backed by synth-soaked Italo-disco production as she delivers inviting pop vocals and an ear-worming chorus of “I swear I’m so serious, serious, seriously in love…” Seriously In Love is certainly not lacking in passion and Ivana delivers the track with a sense of romanticism and excitement.

Roxolana – Girls (Ukraine)

Vidbir runners-up Kalush Orchestra may be set to represent Ukraine after Alina Pash’s disqualification, but the Ukrainian national final also packed another delight in the form of Roxolana’s Girlzzz, a swaggering dancepop number promoting a sense of female empowerment.

Achille Lauro – Domenica (Italy)

Achille Lauro may be representing San Marino, but the Italian rock god’s San Remo entry Domenica is also highly worthy of your time. The pop-rock production paired with Achille’s undeniable star power made this a standout of the Italian selection.

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