France’s 2022 Eurovision Representative ALVAN Announces Debut Album ‘MAGMA’

Alvan teams-up with vocal group Ahez on France’s 2022 Eurovision Song Contest entry Fulenn and it’s a clear standout of the year’s competitors for us. Combining powerhouse electronic arrangements and soaring vocal harmonies with Breton language lyrics, Fulenn is a truly progressive and exciting entry for France. Fans of the handsome Frenchman and his music will be delighted by the news that Alvan will be dropping his debut album MAGMA on Friday 13th of May – that’s one day before the Eurovision final in Turin.

As members of the Big Five (alongside the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany), France is guaranteed a place in the final and we have no doubt that Fulenn will be a hit with listeners across Europe. The news that we will have more music from Alvan to look forward to on ESC weekend is also particularly exciting, however, the upcoming LP’s tracklist has yet to be confirmed but it is a safe bet to expect Fulenn to feature.

Those that have enjoyed Fulenn should definitely seek out Alvan’s prior releases such as Anything and Move On. The former combines earthy traditional instrumentations with an energised electronic dance beat with passionate asserting delivery and commanding vocal effects. Move On takes similar traditional instrumentation and accelerates it with a bouncing percussion and a slinky vocal from Alvan. These tracks suggest that Magma will be a must listen and expectations are high for its release.

The album’s outline shares: “Representing France at Eurovision 2022, Alvan offers his first album “Magma”. This mystical and bewitching opus, in the same vein as the single “Fulenn (feat. Ahez)”, allows us to discover the electroworld universe of the artist from Rennes. In Breton, English or even Spanish, with sounds coming from multiple cultures – sometimes tribal, sometimes organic, but always dreamlike – Alvan presents a hybrid project, an encounter between world music and assumed electro.”

1 Intro
2 Lemon song
4 Primal
5 Fulenn
6 Anything
7 Pili-Pili
8 Magma

You can pre-order the CD format from FNAC. You can pre-save digitally here.

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