Interview: Writer-Director Adam Kalderon Talks New Smoulderingly Tense Gay Israeli Drama ‘The Swimmer’

We sat down (virtually) with filmmaker Adam Kalderon who brought his feature The Swimmer to the BFI Flare Festival. Adam shared lots of interesting anecdotes about the construction of the film and the inspiration of his own experiences on the narrative. You can watch the full video interview above.

The Swimmer presents a glimpse into the homophobia within the world of competitive sport. Kalderon draws inspiration from his own story as a competitive swimmer in his native Israel for the feature which captures repression of one’s identity amidst smouldering sexual tension within claustrophobic, toxic surroundings. The Swimmer simultaneously presents an uplifting story of self-expression and authenticity. Paired with strikingly colourful aesthetics, an energetic score, and compelling performances from Omer Perelman Striks and Asaf Jonas.

This riveting Israeli drama is now released via Peccadillo Pictures on home video and On Demand. You can read our full review here.

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