Little Big Town Releases Breezy Feel-Good Breakup Song ‘Hell Yeah’

“Hell yeah, I go get drunk on Friday nights / Hell yeah, I’m dancing under neon lights / Hell yeah, I’m smiling so that you can’t tell…” country foursome Little Big Town croon on their latest single Hell Yeah. The track is their first release of 2022 and thought to be the first single of their as yet unannounced new album.

With a writing team consisting of the band’s Jimi and Phillip alongside Corey Crowder and Tyler Hubbard, Hell Yeah is a breezy mellow Summer centred number featuring the band’s magnetic harmonies alongside a whistling melody. The track is produced by the band and follows their Never Love You Again, their standalone 2021 collaboration with Cheat Codes and Bryn Christopher.

 Jimi shared: “Phillip and I wrote this with Tyler Hubbard and Corey Crowder. I remember when Corey brought that hook in that day. He sang his idea and when he turned that phrase at the end of the chorus, we were all like ‘hell yeah!’ We always have a blast writing with those guys.” Phillip added, “This song is a classic breakup song, flipped upside down. It’s pure feel-good vibes.”

Hell Yeah is expected to feature on Little Big Town’s latest studio album which will follow 2020’s Nightfall.

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