Maxim Zavidia Releases Emotionally-Charged Pop Treat ‘I Need You Now’

Maxim Zavidia returns with a new English language track, shortly after his previous track in the language Ready released earlier in the year. His latest single I Need You Now is a romantic ballad tackling themes of loneliness and heartbreak.

Maxim shares: “We reveal all the cards and give you a wonderful song “I NEED YOU NOW” written by famous songwriters from Sweden @ylvalinda. We prepared the song for a long time and worked on the sound, on the atmosphere, in order to convey all the fullness and beauty.”

Maxim has been quick to make fans thanks to his Moldovan Eurovision national final entries such as I Will Not Surrender and Take Control. It is also nice to see this more emotional side to the artist who continues to impress with both his vocals and charismatic good looks.

Connect with Maxim here.

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