French Pop Talent Jules Releases Stellar Debut ‘Seul’ EP

French artist Jules impressed us with his debut single Echo which would go on to amass near half a million Spotify streams. Jules collaborated on the track with French songwriter Mendes Matthieu with successful results thanks to Jules’ absorbing vocals, infectious rhythms and the song’s slinky electronic flavoured production.

Jules now accompanies Echo with his debut EP which he calls Seul, a five track set that sees the rising musical talent showcase his talents on a diverse range of numbers. The opening title track takes a more pensive slow-burning approach with Jules delivering his vocals with emotive passion, delving into near spoken-word moments heightening the impact. Tempo increases on Pour te plaire which shines through its dramatic production and attention-grabbing percussion paired with Jules’ sultry delivery. Piano from Alban Claudin accompanies the poignant Soleil, whilst closer Ma déclaration almost showcases jazz-flavours as Jules shines against minimalistic production arrangements.

A truly promising debut, Jules’s Seul is very much worth your time.

Connect with Jules here.

  1. Seul
  2. Echo
  3. Pour te plaire
  4. Soleil
  5. Ma déclaration

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