Interview: Ben Dolic Talks ‘Kissing Her, Missing You’, The Legacy Of His Eurovision Anthem ‘Violent Thing’ And Current Inspirations

Our Editor Andrew caught up with the lovely Ben Dolic to find out about his brand new single Kissing Her, Missing You a track which centres on the challenge of moving on with an ex on your mind. Ben shared insights into the creative process behind the single, the story which inspired it, and delved into his future music plans.

We couldn’t go without asking about Ben’s Eurovision Song Contest classic Violent Thing from 2020 and his thoughts on the current crop of 2022 entrants – not to mention asking if the door was still ajar for a potential Eurovision return.

Ben also took part in our quickfire round where he shared some great answers about all from his favourite films to the intriguing time period he would like to visit.

Thanks to Ben for chatting. You can watch the interview above. Stream his latest single below and connect on his social channels.

Lead Photo: Kai Bucher

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