Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys Join Forces For Pop Anthem of the Year ‘Purple Zone’

We have had this one on loop relentlessly – a collaboration which dreams are made of. Synthpop pioneers Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys have combined their respective talents for Purple Zone, a hight-octane synth-driven anthem that showcases the best of each duo. Set to feature on Soft Cell’s upcoming May 6th scheduled studio album *Happiness Not Included, the single is also being dropped as a four track CD, vinyl and digital EP.

Originally recorded as a solo Soft Cell track, it was re-recorded as a collaboration with both bands after the Pet Shop Boys attended Soft Cell’s most recent tour and heard the track live. A press release shares: “Pet Shop Boys attended one of the tour’s London shows, and immediately picked out ‘Purple Zone’ as one of their favourites from the evening. The two legends of electro-pop initially planned for Pet Shop Boys to remix the song, but their collaboration quickly mutated into a full collaboration. Not only is their collaboration a brand new single release, but this version has also been added to the ‘*Happiness Not Included’ tracklist.

Bolstered by Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell’s incomparable sound, the fusion of Marc Almond and Neil Tennant’s voice sound joyous on the track – an historic moment for synthpop fans. With a chorus that sees the artists’ sing: “Let’s get out of this life / I’m afraid and alone / Paralyzed in the purple zone…” there is an element of darkness and mystery juxtaposing the euphoric uplifting synths and production style. The track is written by David Ball, Marc Almond, Riccardo Hugh and Michael Mulhall, with production from Soft Cell and Philip Larsen.

Purple Zone is available now with numerous mixes:

  1. Purple Zone
  2. Purple Zone – Extended Mix
  3. Purple Zone – Club Mix
  4. Purple Zone – Club Dub

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