Electric Fields Releases “Devastation Ballad” New Song ‘Catastrophe’

Producer and composer Michael Ross and writer and vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding make up Electric Fields, a duo who fuse Aboriginal sounds with electronic production. They release their first single of 2022 Catastrophe, a powerful ballad with shimmering electronic elements in the rousing production.

They describe their latest single: “Born as a love song and landing as a devastation ballad. Catastrophe is a soundtrack for connecting to our spirit, catching us as the ground disappears beneath our feet. A beautiful record about surrender.”

With emotional vulnerability in the lyrics, highlighted in a chorus which sees Fielding croon “Now all I can see is the eternal abyss / Our love, our love used to shield us from this / I am losing you, I am losing you / My hope is dead and nothing adds up / I’m alone, I’m alone and everything’s fucked / I am losing you, I am losing you…” which the singer delivers with a poignancy. The track is written by both Michael Ross and Zaacharia Fielding.

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