Daniel Oliver Releases Immaculate New Single, The Sweeping Synthpop Treat ‘First, Pop’

Daniel Oliver releases his latest single ‘First, Pop’ which also serves as the title track of his upcoming new album. The Icelandic pop talent collaborates and co-writes with Karl Batterbee, Linus Josefsson and Twefive – with the latter also stepping in for production duties.

With sweeping production and an impressive emotive vocal from Daniel, First, Pop is an uplifting pop treat that plays with classic eighties synth-pop sounds and dramatic choruses. It’s beautifully pitched – a great pop song that gradually absorbs you into its melodies and charms.

The past year has seen Daniel deliver numerous cuts from his upcoming, eagerly-anticipated new album including The Worst Time, Jaded, and Feels Like Home. The full LP is due some point in 2022.

Connect with Daniel here.

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