Darren Hayes Channels Nostalgic Experiences On Nu-Disco Single ‘Do You Remember?’

Darren Hayes wastes no time following up his single Let’s Try Being In Love with a fresh new track, Do You Remember? The track, written and produced by Hayes, sees the singer revisit his first time kissing a man on the dancefloor in the nostalgic queer anthem.

The singer shares: “This is the sound of 2022 me looking back at 1997 me remembering the first time I kissed a man on a dance floor. Keen listeners will notice I’m referencing the same moment I sang about in ‘Chained To You’ – only this time it’s from a different perspective. Me, as a fully, out gay proud man, at home and confidently in command in the studio, completely in charge of the sound and presenting myself exactly as I want to be perceived today.”

For the new single, Hayes draws influence from classic Hi-NRG and synthpop sounds with a variety of analogue instruments enhancing the nostalgic flavour of the production. The musician notes: “There’s something so fun about taking the old school sounds of the records I grew up listening to, the drum machines and analog synths, and meshing them with the resurgence of nu-disco today, that feels appropriately nostalgic.”

It has not been confirmed yet whether Let’s Try Being In Love and Do You Remember? will feature on a new album from the Australian singer-songwriter. Hayes has teased a music video for the new single – a still of which you can see as the cover image. Connect on Instagram here.

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