The Relationship Between Music and Gaming

The relationship between music and gaming is vital to creating video games, casino slot games, and even new music tracks. Learn about the connection here.

Music and gaming go together like apple pie and custard. Without the music added to a game, it would end up feeling empty, soulless and even unenjoyable. In this quick post, we take a look at the different ways music is added to the game and one of the most innovative ways game developers ever included a gaming soundtrack. 

Why music is essential in gaming

Without music in video games or casinos games, the whole experience is limited. It would be the same as watching a movie with no soundtrack. Games need music to help stir emotions in the players, whether that be excitement, nervousness, happiness, or other feelings felt while gaming. The inclusion of music elevates the whole gaming experience, and without it, the games would not be as enjoyable.

The types of music in games

Music in games may be made bespoke for the game by those with the skills to do so. A professional may create a thudding beat to help create the suspense in a video game. Or a slot game development team may add upbeat music which encourages faster-paced betting, or they may just add music that corresponds with the theme of the slot. For example, in the new San Quentin slot, a Hip Hop backing track has been added to match the atmosphere of the niche and its characters.

At other times, the game developer may decide to add music made by musicians. They will usually have to pay to include these tracks in their games. This has been done on many high-profile games, such as the FIFA franchise, where hits are played during the options menu and on GTA when music is played via the GTA radio station whilst driving a car. The same can happen in casino slot games where the backing music is of a famous song, which is usually the case when the slot is made in the musician’s or band’s name.

The use of radio stations that players can flick between was one of the most innovative aspects of the GTA franchise. It created a real-world scenario for the player who could cater to music preferences through the radio station and adapt the game’s soundtrack. Only one video game has built on this novel idea so far – Saints Rows 2. Not only did Saints Row 2 copy and paste the radio station idea from GTA, but they went one step further by allowing players to create their own mixtapes and play them while driving cars.

Gamings influences on music

No doubt music has a profound effect on the quality of gaming. But it is not a one-way street. The gaming industry can also influence the creation of music. How often do we see gaming references in music lyrics? It’s important to remember the interconnectedness of the different forms of media entertainment, and no single one feeds the others.

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