Italian Pop Favourite Osvaldo Supino Delivers Commanding House-Flavoured New Single ‘Body Burning’

Osvaldo Supino has done it again with his latest single Body Burning. The slinky dancefloor number soars with pounding bass, sultry vocals and engaging electronic production. The single follows the Italian pop talent’s singles Don’t Hold Back and Lights Down Low and keeps the quality level admirably high with this new addition.

Osvaldo tells us: “I’m talking about the return to life, to dream again, and to fully enjoy what we are entitled to” He explains further: “The last months in particular, have been for me like a roller coaster between peaks of beautiful things and important losses that I struggle to accept. But you have to try to get back up, get back in the game and this is what I’m talking about in this new song. Music and dance for me are oxygen and this is the reason why I am here with this new project”.

This passion form music that Osvaldo feels is evident in the brimming energy that Body Burning exudes. It’s a commanding pop anthem that showcase an influence of classic nineties house and dance pop. Osvaldo co-writes with Ili (X Factor UK) and co-produces with Riley Smith.

Body Burning will be joined by Spanish language version Me Quema on March 11th. The song is currently being played on a 74 square metre screen in Milan’s San Babila Square. What a treat!

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