Country: Michael Ray Reveals ‘Amos’ LP Details

Michael Ray impressed with debut album album back in 2015 featuring hits Kiss You in the Morning and Think a Little Less. Now three years on, the Florida native is ready to unleash his sophomore album, Amos, which hits stores June 1st.

Ray released track Get to You several months back which is currently sitting in country charts top 20 and has recently unleashed Fan Girl, the record’s opening number. Titled Amos after Ray’s late country music-loving grandfather, suggests that this may be a more personal album for the singer. We’ll find out on June 1st.

See the full tracklist below:“Fan Girl” 

  1. “One That Got Away” 
  2. “Summer Water” 
  3. “Get to You” 
  4. “Forget About It” 
  5. “Her World or Mine” 
  6. “You’re On” 
  7. “I’m Gonna Miss You” 
  8. “Dancing Forever” 
  9. “Girl from Spring Break” 
  10. “Drink One for Me”

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