‘Germany 12 Points’ – Our Thoughts on the Entries for German National ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ Selection

Six artists are vying for the chance to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest and will be competing in the country’s own national selection Germany 12 Points. We’d playfully laugh at that title, but as a site based in the UK… those in glass houses etc. Online voting starts on 28 February for fans to choose their favourite act, whilst the songs will be showcased in a televised final which will take place on 4th of March 2022 on German broadcaster ARD.

Eros Atomus – Alive

With those indie-pop vocals you would expect from a mid-noughties British pop band, Eros Atomus is accompanied by rousing orchestral production that captures the grandness of Eurovision. Yet, the combination of Eros’s soft, near-fragile vocals alongside the powerful orchestral production does not sit quite right with us.

Nico Suave & Team Liebe – Hallo Welt

The only German language track competing in the final is rapper Nico Suave’s Hallo Welt. It’s a little Deutsch Mackelmore with soft guitar instrumentation and German talk-rapping. It will undoubtedly have its fans, but this one isn’t quite right for Eurovision.

Maël & Jonas – I Swear To God

This indie-pop gem has a powerful rock-flavoured bassline rippling through it and highly charged percussion with Maël & Jonas delivering attitude filled vocals. It’s a likeable, nostalgic treat that feels like a US pop anthem from yesteryear.

Malik Harris – Rockstars

The strongest contender of the male orientated tracks is Malik Harris’s Rockstars, an emotive pop number with stripped back vocals and mellow production. Malik lays his heart on his sleeve here with gentle piano and guitar soundtracking this nostalgic number centred on reflecting on past romance. Don’t rule Malik out.

Felicia Lu – Anxiety

Moody vocals and introspective production perfectly befitting of Anxiety’s title soon turns into a more powerhouse pop tone with a dark industrial sound. Navigating between brooding mid-tempos and lower-key moments, Felicia Lu’s Anxiety is one of the most interesting tracks in Germany’s selection. It’s very on trend and competently crafted.

Emily Roberts – Soap

Inspired by bands such as HAIM, Emily Roberts’s Soap has a similar alt US pop-rock swagger. Roberts sells the track with a prescient emotion but the chorus never quite goes off to the extent that the track deserves.

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