Music: Daphne Guinness Finds ‘The Golden Chord’ on New LP

Glam art rock is the name of the game in Daphne Guinness’ highly welcome second album, Daphne and the Golden Chord. Guinness reunites with producer Tony Visconti (T-Rex, David Bowie), whom she crafted the exceptional Optimist in Black with in 2016.

Daphne and the Golden Chord is more upbeat in tone to Optimist, embracing mystical, highly aesthetic concepts with rich musical panache. Guinness’ distinctive, deliciously sharp vocals paired with the dreamlike soundscapes produced through Visconti’s swirlingly lush production, creates an intoxicating blend of glam art rock.

Special praise should also go to the spectacular album artwork!

See the full tracklist below:

1. Deja Vu Guru
2. But I’m Not

3. Talking to Yourself
4. Five Planets
5. No No No
6. Shallow Grave
7. It’s Alright
8. Riot
9. Byzantine Romance
10. Remember to Breathe
11. Captain Catastrophe

Daphne and the Golden Chord is available to stream now. Physical releases will follow on June 15th.

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