Italian Pop Legend Ivana Spagna Releases Italo-Disco Flavoured ‘Una Voce Per San Marino’ Entry ‘Seriously In Love’

She was one of the most exciting names listed in the ‘Established Artists’ section of San Marino’s Una Voce Per San Marino‘s Eurovision selection programme, and now we have her entry. Ivana Spagna brings Seriously In Love to the contest – a track which sees her work with Alfredo Pignagnoli and Giorgio Spagna.

The English language anthem sees Ivana backed by synth-soaked Italo-disco production as she delivers inviting pop vocals and an ear-worming chorus of “I swear I’m so serious, serious, seriously in love…” Seriously In Love is certainly not lacking in charm and Ivana delivers the track with a sense of romanticism and passion.

The Italian hitmaker found success in the UK and Europe with her hits including Call Me, Easy Lady and Every Girl and Boy. Her most recent English language single releases were a version of Have You Ever Seen the Rain and 2016’s D.A.N.C.E. It is hoped that Seriously In Love may mark the start of a new English language studio album from Ivana.

The song will be performed live on the 19th February 2022 at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. Ivana will face competition from established acts Achille Lauro and Valerio Scanu as well as some freshly selected talent competing in the contest. These acts and more are vying to be San Marino’s 2022 Eurovision entrant.

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