Northern Irish Rising Pop Talent JC Stewart Debuts Lovelorn Pop Delight ‘Love Like That’

This week JC Stewart released single Love Like That – his first standalone single of 2022. The track sees him co-write with Koz (Dua Lipa) and collaborate with producers The 23rd (Griff, Sigrid). The bombastic production alongside JC’s magnetic vocals sees the Northern Irish 23 year old continue to assert himself as one of the UK’s most exciting up and coming stars.

JC shares: “I wrote ‘Love Like That’ after I’d had a few tough conversations with the people I loved around me. I realised I’d been fully prioritising work over everything else and forgetting about the stuff that actually matters in life. This song is really an apology to those people and a promise to always put them first.” 

“Yeah, out of the night, cry out / The sound of your heart so loud / Pounding my head like thunder, now you’re not around / Shoulda been there all night…” JC sings against sweeping production, fully selling the lovelorn lyrics of the track with an emotional clout. This is heightened in the recently released Mahoganny Sessions version of the track which sees JC take a piano-led approach backed by a stunning gospel choir. You can watch that below.

JC will also be embarking on a selection of UK and international tour dates. You can get details on these here. We also featured JC on our list of artists we would love to see represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision.

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