Get Your Nineties Grunge On as Doja Cat Delivers Cover Version of Courtney Love and Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’

It’s time to feel that late nineties angst rock again as Doja Cat delivers a fresh rendition of Hole’s Celebrity Skin. The track is recorded as part of Taco Bell’s 2022 Superbowl advertisement and sees the UK #19 hit re-imaged by producer Yeti Beats.

A description of the advertisement notes: “During the ad, Doja hangs out with a group of clowns while her cover of the iconic pop-punk song “Celebrity Skin” by Hole plays in the background.” We’re not going to link to that but if you’re interested in seeing Doja Cat and some clowns causing trouble then you can hop onto YouTube.

The cover moderates some of the lyrics of the original, but other than that does not deviate from the source material too much. It’s a fun little cover but Courtney Love and Hole’s original will remain untouched in the pantheon of grungy pop rock. Still, get that coin Courtney – hopefully it will help in the release of Courtney’s much anticipated new studio album due this year.

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