Interview: Shirley Clamp Talks Melodifestivalen, Secret Talents and Shows Off Her Eurovision Knowledge

The ever-wonderful Shirley Clamp joined us for a chat about her upcoming appearance at Melodifestivalen 2022. The Swedish star shared all the details about her song Let There Be Angels which she debuts during the first semi-final this Saturday – the 5th of February.

Shirley delved into why she decided to compete this year, her inspiration behind the song, and which of her previous entries deserves a little bit more love. The Min kärlek chanteuse also shared her surprisingly hilarious secret talent, told us behind the scenes of her banger-tastic Band Aid cover, and took part in a little Eurovision song quiz. Thanks for the chat, Shirley!

You can connect with Shirley on her Instagram, Facebook and Official Website. Watch our video interview above.

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