Jujubee Delivers Slinky Personal New Single ‘Back For More’, Performs on ‘Drag Race UK Vs. The World’

Like countless others we were delighted to see Jujubee on the line-up for BBC’s Drag Race UK vs. The World with the star serving up a brand new single for the series’ talent show task. Juju’s Back For More is a slinky, personal track with mellow grooves and quietly touching lyrics.

Jujubee co-writes with Aaron Aiken and Lauren Evans, with Aiken also producing. The lyrics see the Drag Race favourite sing “This feels a dream, I can’t ignore, This feels like something I’ve felt before, If it’s something new then deja vu here I am, Like a wave to the shore, I’m back for more,” paying tribute to the star’s multiple times on various incarnations of the RuPaul’s iconic franchise. This is a slinky little mid-tempo that we have quickly grown to love.

Juju has been carving out an impressive pop career, releasing two volume collections Good Juju and also featuring on Bright Light Bright Light’s I Used to Be Cool remix.

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