Mike Taveira and Sophia Black Join Forces for Sugary Valentine’s Anthem ‘Stupid Cupid!’

Mike Taveira and Sophia Black release Valentine’s anthem Stupid Cupid! this week. The smooth sugary pop track sees the pair sing against funk-pop flavoured production with Mike and Sophia’s inviting vocals crafting a lush poppy combination.

“Like I love / Getting to know you / I’m turnin’ into somebody I’m not / How did you do it / Fucking cupid made me stupid” the artists sing on lyrics which they penned with Evangelia Psarakis, Evangeline Miele and Paul Mauer. lixa’s production crafts welcoming pop grooves which help the romantic vibes of the track shine.

Mike shares “I wrote “Stupid Cupid!” last year but it was too bubblegum for the vibe of my upcoming EP Cut Velvet (which is 50% sex bops and 50% depression bops). So I decided to say fuck it and put it out as a one-off because i couldn’t stop singing it.”

We chatted to Mike about his upcoming EP Cut Velvet, which you can watch here. Watch the video for Stupid Cupid! above.


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