Music: Toyah Returns With New EP ‘Four from Toyah’

Legendary British pop-rocker Toyah Wilcox releases brand new EP, Four from Toyah (Birthday Edition) on May 18th. This marks Toyah’s long-awaited return to solo recording – with her last recordings being 2008’s In the Court of the Crimson Queen LP and 2011’s 21st Century Supersister .

The EP includes four new and previously unreleased songs written by Toyah and Simon Darlow. These include…

1. Telepathic Lover
2. Who Let The Beast Out
3. Fire Escape
4. Our Hearts Still Beat

Of course, true to fashion, Toyah will also delight fans with typically stunning artwork which you can see below. Pre-order Four from Toyah on iTunes. The EP will also be available on other digital music platforms. 

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