Maxim Zavidia Releases ‘Ready’ His Emotional Entry for the 2022 Moldovan National Selection

Moldova have big shoes to fill finding their successor to the sublime Natalia Gordienko who blew Europe away with Sugar as the country’s Eurovision representative. We are delighted to see one of twenty-eight artists in the running is the ever-talented Maxim Zavidia, a singer who will be familiar to those that have followed the country’s various selection processes over the years.

Maxim will be hoping to represent Moldova with his track Ready. The handsome musical talent previously entered the country’s national finals in 2016, 2019 and 2020: first with La La Love and later with I Will Not Surrender and Take Control. The track comes from the creative team of Alexey Streltsov, Arina Berezhnaya, Nikos Sofis and Pasha Rudenko.

Maxim packs the song with emotional vocals and crafts a dramatic tone against the rousing production. This is an uplifting slow-burner with a message of unity and perseverance which perfectly captures the spirit of Eurovision. Some elegant string work in the final moments of the track adds some further emotional impact.

You can stream Maxim’s track above. Connect with his Instagram here.

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