Little Boots Announces New Studio Album ‘Tomorrow’s Yesterdays’, Drops Heartbreak Anthem ‘Crying on the Inside’

Little Boots has been teasing great things with singles Landline and Silver Balloons which are set to feature on her upcoming studio album Tomorrow’s Yesterdays. The set is the singer’s fourth studio album and is scheduled to arrive March 18th 2022.

As well as the two previously released tracks, Little Boots also delivers Crying on the Inside. The singer spoke a little bit more about the new single, sharing: “This is a classic sad banger I wrote several years ago with Ryland Blackinton about putting on a brave face in the face of personal challenges, which I think a lot of people can relate to especially over the last year.” Set atop bouncing synths, Little Boots sings “I know when you’re kissing her, you taste me on her lips, I’m smiling, but I’m breaking down…” in the track’s emotive chorus. With a message of bouncing back regardless of heartbreak, this is a triumphant grooving dancefloor filler tinged with bittersweet sentiment.

We couldn’t be more excited about Tomorrow’s Yesterdays which features eleven tracks in total. You can see all of them below.

1. Love The Beginning
2. Silver Balloons
3. Landline
4. Back To Mine
5. Crying On The Inside
6. Heavenly
7. Deborah
8. Out (Out)
9. Want You Back?
10. Nothing Ever Changes
11. Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

As well as streaming, Tomorrow’s Yesterdays can be ordered in numerous physical formats here.