Legendary Singer-Songwriter Judy Collins Announces New Original Album ‘Spellbound’

“They say after the plague came the Renaissance. Now felt like the perfect time to make this record because, after all that’s happened in the world, we need something beautiful and inspirational to lift us up,” musical legend Judy Collins shared regarding her freshly announced twenty-ninth studio album Spellbound. The February 25th scheduled album is preceded by new single When I Was a Girl In Colorado.

The single sees Judy reminisce about growing up in Colorado in a nostalgic number which captures a sense of optimism amidst the beauty of nature. Paired with sumptuous acoustic guitar, absorbing backing vocals, and a mix of country-flavoured instrumentation, When I Was a Girl In Colorado has us truly excited about the singer’s further eleven compositions that are set to feature on the album.

Check out the full tracklist for Spellbound below, Judy’s first album to feature all songs written herself.

01 Spellbound
02 Grand Canyon
03 So Alive
04 Hell on Wheels
05 Shipwrecked Mariner
06 When I Was a Girl in Colorado
07 Thomas Merton
08 Wild with Mist
09 Gilded Rooms
10 Prairie Dreams
11 City of Awakening
12 Arizona

You can see Judy’s UK and EU tour dates on the poster below.