Markus Riva Returns With Stunning Supernova 2022 Entry ‘If You’re Gonna Love Me’

We are delighted to see that Markus Riva is throwing his hat into the ring for Latvia’s Supernova 2022. The handsome star last competed with 2020 entry Impossible and now his follow-up, two years later, If You’re Gonna Love Me, sees him return to English language pop.

The gorgeous slow-burning ballad from Markus blends uplifting piano melodies with striking electronic effects to create an emotive pop track perfect for Eurovision. “If you’re gonna love me, Nothing’s gonna change the way I am, If you’re gonna love me, I’ll be your man until the end, If you’re gonna love me, Don’t look for a reason to be afraid, If you’re gonna love me, I will be yours and you’ll be mine,” Markus sings in a strong vocal performance which attaches an authentic emotional weight to the lyrics.

This is a beautiful, lavish pop treat from the You Make Me So Crazy and Dynamite singer that deserves to do well in the contest.

If You’re Gonna Love Me follows Markus’s recent album Pazudīšu Pilsētā which featured a collaboration with Latvia’s 2020 and 2021 Eurovision entrant Samanta Tina. Markus’s most recent English language album was 2018’s I Can. It is hoped that If You’re Gonna Love Me will lead to some more music in the language from Latvia’s top pop export.

Connect with Markus here. Listen to all the Supernova entries here.